Ever wonder what the McKinley Mixed tournament is really like? In 2021, Ian Westermann recorded his entire experience for his Essential Tennis YouTube channel. Watch the videos below for an exciting and entertaining sprint through the full experience as he and his partner Beth face off against current and former D1 players, crafty veterans, hard-hitters, and drop-shot maestros. Will they capture a coveted McKinley Mixed towel?

Ian paired up with Beth, a former D1 player with talent for days. In this video, they meet in person for the first time, practice, and talk strategy.
Ian and Beth play their first mixed match together. This is a warm-up match for the McKinley Mixed.
Ian arrives at the McKinley Mixed and learns he’s in for a challenging weekend!
First match at the McKinley Mixed! Ian and Beth faced a father-daughter duo in a grueling showdown!
Part 2 of the first match. What a duel!
It’s the second match at the McKinley Mixed for Ian and Beth, and they are facing two former Big Ten stars. Will they be able to hang in for a win?
Third match of the tournament and Ian and Beth are looking to get back on track.
Match 4 wasn’t recorded, but Ian and Beth got the victory to make it to the back-draw finals! Here is the first part of their fifth and final match. Who will capture the towel?!
The final video – Match five, part two.