Don’t just take it from us! Here’s what others have to say about the McKinley Mixed: 

Q&A With 2018 McKinley Mixed Champion Vukasin Teofanovic:

Q. Please share your first experience with the McKinley tennis courts.
A. My first experience with the McKinley courts is also one of my first experiences in the US. One my first days in the US I ended up going to practice at the McKinley courts with a Marquette teammate who ended up being my best man

Q.What is your past experience with the McKinley tennis courts? (McKinley Tennis Club member, tournament player/director, etc.)
A. Tournament player

Q. Do you have a favorite memory that involves the McKinley tennis courts and/or adjacent green space?
A. Winning the McKinley Mixed!!!!!

Q. The McKinley tennis courts are the best public courts in downtown Milwaukee. What significance do you feel these courts and the adjacent green space has on the city and for the tennis community?
A. Having public courts in a great downtown location is awesome for promoting the sport in the community!


“There is a serious dearth of quality mixed-doubles tournaments in the Milwaukee/Chicago area. We’ve been looking for a tournament to play in together and couldn’t have been more pleased with the McKinley Mixed. This tournament was professionally run so communication was clear and all we had to worry about was bringing our A-Game. Can’t wait for next year!” –  Angie R & Bryan W

“I really enjoyed this tournament! Anyone who’s played tennis knows how hard it can be to arrange competitive mixed-doubles matches. The Compass Draw format allowed us to play against other teams at our level. I’m excited to see how we stack up next year!” – Charlie H

“This tournament has everything: a perfect location, great tennis, fun people, and awesome favors! The organizers of the McKinley Mixed are passionate about tennis and it shows!” – Lauren G