The McKinley Mixed doubles tournament is the largest mixed doubles draw in the country. It was created because summertime tennis in Milwaukee at the McKinley courts is just about perfect. 

The tournament has been around, on and off, for years. Since it had been “off” for the last few years, we decided to revive it in 2018 with a twist – a compass draw. It’s a model taken from the platform tennis world and ensures you’ll get a minimum of three matches and at least one of them should be close. 

Here are a few of the things we like to hang our hats on: 

  • Champs will be crowned for the following draws: main, consolation, reprieve and consolation reprieve 
  • All players will receive a cool favor and champs will get a prize  
  • Traditional scoring is used in the main draw (yes, there is a third set)
  • We will have indoor courts should it rain on our parade – and we promise to keep you in the know about how plans are changing
  • If we need additional courts, we’ll find them, but McKinley will remain our home base